Village Tours

You really haven't seen Fiji until you have visited a local village. Not only do you get to experience the 'real' Fiji you will also be directly benefiting the local village funding.

Most of the villages that you can visit are known for something unique. Whether it be for their 'salt making' or 'pottery making' skills, the local villagers love to have you visit and demonstrate these skills to you.

You can join in on a traditional Kava Ceremony, see them dance the Meke (traditional dance) or learn some of their language and culture.

  • Lomawai Village

    Lomawai Village

    Lomawai Salt Making Village Tour - Definitely a tour with a difference! See how the sea salt is being created in the traditional Fijian way with a visit to Lomawai village. The friendly villagers will explain their methods and show you around where they make the salt.

  • Viseisei Village

    Viseisei Village

    The Village of Viseisei is said to be near the place where the Fijian people first settled Fiji about 3500 years ago. Located just 15 minutes by taxi from Nadi. The President of Fiji stays in Viseisei and his stately home is surrounded by historical monuments and buildings in the village reflecting the importance given by the people to the area known as First Landing.