Fun and perfectly located.

We were one of the first full-service resorts to cater to the dorm lifestyle and 12 years on we're still doing it right. Our dorms are generally smaller than some others (with 4 beds), which results in a slightly different ambience and greater comfort. All dorms have a lounge area. Guests may choose between fan or air-conditioned dorms. Fan dorms feature quilted bedspreads, those with air-conditioning have new curtains, furnishings and bedspreads.

A free tropical breakfast is included plus Free 1/2 hour WIFI


FJD$41 (US$20approx.)

Fan & four-Beds
FJD$41 (US$20 approx.)

FJD$46 (US$23 approx.)

Rate Includes all Taxes (VAT / STT / ET)



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